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Truth is though that we have been so busy with one thing and another that we’ve had to be content to let the website take care of itself for a while.  So what have we been up to?


Well the major project I alluded to last time was spending nearly a month in South America.  An amazing trip, covering mainland Ecuador, Galapagos, and Costa Rica, it was part holiday and part business project to see if a diversification into travel photography had potential.  We took around 3000 photographs between us and the interest from travel companies and tour operators would suggest that it could certainly be an option.  More on that in the future I have no doubt!


On the subject of diversification, we’ve also been looking at selling some of our work from the website, as wall art products.  The material we have for this at the moment is somewhat limited and so we’ll be looking to produce a body of avant-garde portraits and fine artworks in the coming months.


We booked some time in August with a very well-known figure in the photography world – Damian McGillicuddy.  You can never know everything but we do aim high!  That happened over two days in the last couple of weeks.  The first focused on using speedlights – flashguns to you and me – on location and involved a tour of Chester’s underpasses!  The second was studio-based and demonstrated Damian’s method of approaching the classic beauty shot.  I believe both days have added to our growing repertoire.


Our training with Trevor and Faye Yerbury is also fast approaching and we’re now planning how to extend our Scottish adventure with some location shots with a local model - so more of that next time.


Of course we’ve also been shooting some lovely people too and covered some very interesting themes, including things as diverse as Liquorice Allsorts and Angels & Demons, so all in all we really haven’t been idle!

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Where does the time go? https://www.yvonneguntripp-photography.co.uk/blog/2013/4/where-does-the-time-go Where does the time go?  The last month has flown by – I guess because we have been quite busy. 


Every couple of years one of the largest Dancing Schools in the area puts on a show at the local school.  On the last couple of occasions we’ve then been asked to photograph all the various costumes and dance groups.  This involves two days of mayhem when we take close to 1000 photographs which have to be whittled down to about 250 and then edited.  The school’s Principal is, quite rightly, very meticulous and the poses have to be ‘correct’ in dance terms as well as creating pleasing images.  It’s a real challenge as well as good fun – and a lot of work which is just about complete.


 We did manage to get in a couple of interesting shoots between the busiest times and editing those is also complete.  One of these was based around a number of different themes.  Yvonne had come across some work by another artist, Vicente Romero Redondo; the style of which we thought might translate into photography, so we thought “why not”.  I think the results came out very well, and our subject is very happy with them.


And so to what we’re planning next……..

We have a major, major project on the horizon which is very exciting.  I can’t say too much at the moment but wow!  To be honest this one is wholly for us but the results should be spectacular!  More about that in future blogs.


Now the weather has finally turned into a spring of sorts, we’re hoping to get out into the great outdoors for some location work.  It’s also a mad dash to get our large garden ready for use as our outside studio – but we’re getting there.


In other news:  Yvonne has joined The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP) and we’ve finally managed to book some one-to-one training with Trevor and Faye Yerbury.  We spend around two weeks every year training and this is something we’ve been wanting to do for quite a while; so we’ll be off to Edinburgh for a weekend in the not too distant – and coming back all fired-up and ready for anything.

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Inspiration https://www.yvonneguntripp-photography.co.uk/blog/2013/3/inspiration Having blogged for the first time last month and found it not as scary as I first thought, I’m back for more.  Now as I’m a photographer and the blog is on our photography website you may be expecting something at least vaguely photographic, well, here goes!

I love the creative side of photography, yes you need to know the technical side but it’s the artistic part I love.  It’s setting the scene and placing someone in it, maybe adjusting the fabric so it falls gracefully.  There’s the hair, the makeup, then getting the light to fall just right to bring the picture to life. 

I’m naturally inspired by other photographers but I’m also inspired by artists.  I’ve always loved art whatever the medium; oils, pastels, watercolour, sculpture.  Photography is just another medium, so if I see a painting I love I often want to create my version as a photograph.  This happened recently when I came across a painting by Hamish Blakely. It was beautiful, everything about it had a certain grace and style.  The model wasn’t wearing very much but there was certainly nothing tacky about it.

We were very fortunate to meet a lady who was just as passionate about art as we are and keen to do some modelling.  She loved the original painting and wanted to be that lady in it so we met her for a coffee and shared ideas. 

The shoot itself was a great day for all of us.  Our model felt relaxed, totally enjoyed the experience and was delighted with the final images.  What more could we ask.

If you’ve seen an image, it could be a favourite painting or a photograph in a fashion magazine and would love to see yourself in an image like that then why not give us a call on 01630 651737, or message or email us and book a photoshoot.


Yvonne x


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Eureka https://www.yvonneguntripp-photography.co.uk/blog/2013/1/eureka Hello, it’s me (Dave) again!

In my last blog I alluded to my being ‘sold’ on photography during some training in Cornwall………..

Yes I knew about exposures and light, and how cameras worked.  And yes, I had enjoyed taking pictures of people, right back as far as 1984.  But I had spent a good deal of my working life in engineering, and photography was an ‘information medium’.  Being artistic did not come naturally since it ran contrary to my work practices.

Then, as part of an incredibly intensive week of tuition with a truly inspirational Cornish photographer, I watched, almost spellbound, as he demonstrated the positive side of Photoshop and transformed a photograph into a work of art.  What started out as a well-composed, well-lit photograph became something that would grace any wall.  Suddenly photography was an artistic medium and it really was a ‘Eureka moment’.

Photoshop gets a really bad press at times because of the way it is used to distort the truth.  They used to say a photograph never lies  - but these days a photo-editor might!  When it is used to mis-sell a product or misrepresent an idea of how someone should look or feel then clearly it is an abuse of trust.

But I believe there are many uses for Photoshop which are appropriate.  When used to enhance a photograph purely for the beauty of art then it is a fantastic tool! 

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Not that scary https://www.yvonneguntripp-photography.co.uk/blog/2013/1/not-that-scary It’s now well over a week since our first blog, compiled with dexterity by my husband Dave. So now it’s my turn and I’m scared!! I don’t do blogs, I rarely make any comments on Facebook. I often go on there to see what everyone else is doing because I’m nosey, actually no it’s not nosey it’s interested in people and their lives. I’m just not a prolific writer; talker yes, writer no.  I love people and the interaction you get when you have a conversation, it’s a two way thing.  Chatting to friends, even talking to strangers comes naturally when I’m in the same room or on the phone, I’m not sure writing a blog does.


Having managed to create the website, purchase the domain name and link the two together so it’s out there for all the world to see, I now have a new found confidence. I’m not sure I’m a confident blogger yet but I’ve blogged or whatever the term is and you know what, it wasn’t that scary.

So a happy new year to you all and watch out for my next blog!!

Yvonne x

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Beginnings https://www.yvonneguntripp-photography.co.uk/blog/2013/1/beginnings Well…. This seems a bit weird!   Writing the first blog for this website ‘Yvonne Guntripp Photography’ when I’m not Yvonne Guntripp!  As it happens though I’m Dave, the other half of the partnership so I guess I’m within my rights.

I think I’m best beginning at the beginning and explaining how we came to be involved in Photography and how we got to where we are now. 

After a couple of years taking snaps with a little Kodak Instamatic, it probably started in 1984 when we arranged to go on a driving tour of Europe.  Well it seemed like the whole of Europe, but in reality it was France, Germany, Northern Italy and Austria.  Just before we went the recently defunct Jessops had a special offer.  Olympus OM10 camera, ‘manual adapter’ and Flash Gun, all in a padded camera case.  So we succumbed, and had our first SLR, our first real camera.

The OM10 was an aperture-priority camera, which means that you set the aperture (or f number) and the camera decides for itself what shutter speed to use – very clever for the early ‘80’s.  But the Manual Adaptor that plugged in turned it into a fully manual, creatively-capable camera (not that we knew what to do with it for some time but that’s another story).   This was before the days of autofocus or anything that you’d take for granted nowadays, but it took, and still takes, great pictures.  In fact it only got retired when we made the leap to digital over 20 years later.

Those first outings with the OM10 produced some really good, if uninventive pictures, great for invoking memories of places but without much creative thought.  We were never into the ‘pseudo-Japanese’ style of “This is me in Salzburg and this is me in somewhere else” but I guess they did amount to chronological lists of the sites we saw and not a lot more.  It wasn’t that long though before we saw, not just more of the capabilities of the camera, but that Yvonne really had a great natural eye for composition. 

Krimll Waterfall, Austria 1984 – on our first trip with the OM10

And so time went by as photography became an extension of our other passion, travel.  We travelled around many parts of the world, taking candids or journalistic style photographs of what we witnessed.  Frustratingly though, we always seemed to take far more pictures than we could do creative things with – and remember we are talking of the days when you didn’t see what you’d got until the photo-lab had processed your film and decided, not always helpfully, where a crop should occur.

The switch to digital was inevitable.  We wanted more control over our photographs than we could get on film.  We’d had a few close encounters with digital in its earlier days and dismissed it on quality grounds – it just didn’t cut it.  Then in 2005 we finally took the plunge with the purchase of a Canon DSLR.  Our old film cameras haven’t seen the light of day since.

I guess that our photographic experience would have continued along pretty much the same path but for a chance conversation with a friend during which she asked if Yvonne would take some photographs of her young daughter.  The session went really well.  Everyone enjoyed the process and the photographs were very well-received.  In a very short space of time other people, having seen the photographs, were asking for shoots.  Almost before we knew it we’d upgraded the camera and bought some studio flash units.

At this point I think we made a conscious decision that doing this seriously would be both fun and a viable option for Yvonne.  We also decided that, even with the reasonably good knowledge that she had some serious training was in order.  This began with a portrait photography course in Bournemouth and continued with a week in Cornwall with one of the most inspiring photographers you could meet (during which I was completely sold)  Since then we’ve both had more training on all aspects of photography and the software which now underpins it – and we will continue to do so.  Indeed this year we will be having a few days with one of the highest regarded photography practices in the UK (also a husband and wife team as it happens!)

So that brings us pretty much up to date.  We now have our photography business, albeit small (to us that means personal) which has been born out of our love of photography and other people’s appreciation of our work.

We have a fully-equipped, fully functioning studio within our home and we’d love you to experience it with us.


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